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Are you a new placement coordinator or have you been looking for a system that will create digital training agreements and plans that meet the State of Michigan requirements for pupil accounting?

Welcome to my web site!  It is my hope that this site will provide you with all the information you will need when setting up and maintaining an effective and efficient program.  I realize that not all of your needs will be met here, but presented here are numerous documents and files that will reduce your work load and improve your effectiveness.  These files have been used by coordinators in numerous school districts statewide and in some cases adopted by entire counties.

All materials presented here are copyright protected but available for your use at "No Cost"!  As a retired educator and member of a Michigan association which assists educators with student placements, I want to give these to you for your use to help increase the valuable educational experience that a career placement, school-to-work, or work study placement has on a student's life in Michigan. 

Outlined within this site are different files, forms, and documents that I've created over the years that I worked as a Career Preparation Coordinator.    Please take some time to review these files and contact me with any questions you may have.  I'm very passionate about career education and look forward to the opportunity to help you with you as you develop your program.  Just as the files and documents are free of cost, my assistance to you is generally without cost.

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