Montcalm County Careerpost

A source to link career opportunities in business to students in high school


Montcalm County CareerPost ready to assist business leaders today, build the workforce of tomorrow

Companies worldwide are having difficulty finding qualified employees!  Many of these companies could lose thirty, forty, or even fifty percent of their workforce to retirement any day of the week with no visible means to replace them.

Why not employ high school students in a training placement with the intent of making them fulltime employees upon their high school graduation.

This site has been created for you to connect to area high schools who may have students ready for you to train them for tomorrow's workforce.

The website operates by taking your posting and sends it to the placement specialist at all seven area high schools.  To create your employment posting, click on the "Create a Post" tab and complete the form.  Once the form information is received by the placement specialists, they will find students interested in your posting and have them complete a self-assessment of themselves.  This assessment along with their transcript and three teacher evaluations will be faxed or emailed to you for your review.  After your review of al the candidates, you will contact the appropriate placement specialist to arrange an interview of the student.  Upon a successful interview and a decision has been made concerning the candidate the employer will contact the school and arrange the work study placement and solidify employment details.

A business can utilize this resource as often and as many times as they desire.  However, school schedules may influence the start date of student employees.

The "Placement Documentation" tab will provide you with information about the documents that the schools will be using to assist in the placement of students.  These documents have been standardized for all districts to help reduce confusion with employers, employees, and school district personnel.